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Survey : What do you think about cloning - is it good or bad and why?

For a food source, sure clone as many fish or sheep as you like. People should not be cloned. Sure we can create a person, but who will provide that person with a soul?

Survey : What do you think about cloning - is it good or bad and why?
If Angelina Jolie was cloned a few Million times over, then there will be a few Million very happy men on this earth.

If Robert Mugabe was cloned a few times over - there will be nobody on this Earth.

I think Cloning for say agricultural purposes ie Creating the best tasting Chicken to eat - is not bad, but cloning of Humans can cause endless problems - It will make some people very powerfull and this power will be abused.
Reply:There are way too many people on earth. We can't even produce enough food to feed everybody. As it is we are putting so much pressure on nature and now they want to clone people and prolong lives. Don't you think that if you have kidney problems it is natures way of "weeding out the weak"? It nature it is survival of the fittest but we think to believe that we can prolong lives and over populate the world and everything will be okay.

If they can clone plants and seeds that is for the good of the whole of mankind then yes by all means go ahead. But cloning for the benefit of 1 person is against nature.
Reply:This is a hectic one ,Cloning and cell manipulation , i think is good in certain instances , like cloning of plants (CB Seed in PTA clone many veggies that are of good quality in order to maintain top quality seeds for new crops) , certain live viruses to be used as vaccinations (Bioclones SA, in Centurion clones and manipulate, bacteria, viruses and cell cultures for medical use), etc , im all for technological advances ,Imagine with one of your cells , they can "grow" you a new kidney or liver , etc , no need to worry about your body rejecting it , etc, but like anything in life , there will always be some who wants to use these technologies for self interest....
Reply:I dont really know....

I havent really thought about it, though for years I wished I'd had a twin sister. You might know that I was carrying twins last year and lost one when I was 2 months prego. I dont know how I would've managed with two Rebels in my life... the other already had a name (Obokile to with Rebokile) so it would've been Obie and Rebie... :)

A bit of me wishes I would've somehow cloned the other and had two sons to drive me up the wall, but what happened was intended so by God and one need accept. Nowhere is it written that it is wrong (right?), so as long as its used to make more good people... hey, who would mind? I would sure beg for my late brother to be cloned so I could have more time with him. Though i am a bit guilt ridden for wishing it... I mean, maybe its wrong... I'm confused.

But if you ask a mom who lost a baby and was given the opportunity to have him back...?

Anyway, I cant say whether it is bad or good...
Reply:I think cloning is wrong, and call me insensitive, but I also think the whole process of using cloned pieces (like creating a new heart / lungs / kidneys etc.) is also wrong.

We are interfering in things far Greater that what we can begin to imagine.

There is a circle of life, survival of the fittest.... and until we don't fully understand the whole system, we should not be meddling with it.
Reply:To be honest I don't really know so much about it but from what I know I don't really agree because we are now interfering far to much with nature and how things are made. We humans are becoming for to clever for out own good.

But then again it's not a bad thing if it's going to cure things like cancer etc etc.
Reply:I am against cloning anything but for trying to attempt to clone extinct species, like the Cape Lion, Blue Buck etc. I think with cloning humans people are trying to be God and that is against my religion. There is too many people on this earth, we really do not have to clone more, any way who is really good enough to clone anyway?
Reply:I am with ZXCV

I think its fine in the sense that we have a long list world wide of people that need vital organs i.e Liver Kidneys and etr.

Maybe we can find a way of regenerating nerve cells which would be great news for people in wheel chairs.

That way it will be possible to do a brain transplant which will mean we can live forever all we do is transfer bodies.

The people that say its playing God.

How do they know if its not God's plan for us to clone.

Its just another form of reproduction innit.
Reply:Cloning for me is a no go. It is like playing God. This is one part where humans must stay out and we should not interfere with nature.
Reply:Honey I am against Cloning,I am Cathloci for me it's wrong to interfere in Gods
Reply:I agree with Gene. Clone food, but never people. Each one is uniquely precious.
Reply:I think its better to be in testing level.........

I need to write a survey for families asking about their family hoilday traditions.?

Do you have some good questions I could include?

I need to write a survey for families asking about their family hoilday traditions.?
Try to avoid leading questions...that make the family think you want them to answer a certain way. You want to make sure all families feel included in this activity. Maybe some fill in the blanks, that way it keeps it simple.

In December, our family celebrates ____________________. We like to eat _____________________ and play _________________ as part of the celebration. We share our celebration with these people: ________________________________________... ________________________________________... We help others celebrate when we _____________________________.

We celebrate by giving each other _______________________ to show our love and joy.

There's a start for you. Have fun!
Reply:you can ask "Do you have any holiday traditions?"
Reply:Because our family is so big, we draw names.(I'm 47yrs old and have 7 brothers and sisters)

Us siblings are on one list, my parents grandkids (about 22 of them) on another list.

Ask what meals are served. (Do the men help)

Are there certain X-mas movies/cartoons watched.

Are there certain games played.

Does anyone in the family dress up as Santa for the kids.

Is there a train set-up around the X-mas tree. (My Dad got his first train set 20 years ago and arranges presents as tunnels and buildings.)

I hope this helps.

By the 27 year old daughter is an Eeyore fanatic, also! :-)
Reply:i dont really understand the question but... my family... like my mom and sister and aunts and cousins all go and bake cookies every year right after thanks giving :)
Reply:Does you family get together? How far do they come from?

Do the kids sit at separate tables?

Does you family go holiday shopping together?

Do you gather at the same place each year for the holiday?

Do you get family pictures at the holidays?

Do you help the less fortunate by volunteering?
Reply:How about, "Does your family have a unique family holiday tradition?"


Is there a website where I can receive products, use them for a month and then do a survey about it for free?

Yes there are lots of them. Just be careful, I answered one for the prize that was garantueed and not only did I never get the prize, I got added to so many bulk mails sites (over100) that I am still trying to get rid of.

I have a survey about snacks ...???

ok wat type of snacks do people love having like nachos and others and i want to make up a book about snacks to eat if people have the snack can u also give the recipe .... i will love all types of snacks

I have a survey about snacks ...???
Visit my blog and find my favorite snack recipes at
Reply:Besides the answer by responder one - which I also love - Taco Chips and Store Bought Salsa Sauce:

Veggies and dips:

apple pieces (soaked in ascobic acid)***




carrots (baby are very good)

cheeses (a variety)

crackers (a variety)

dips (many store bought to choose from)

english cucumber

grapes (various)

melon pieces (honey dew, water)

mixed nuts

orange pieces

peach pieces

pineapple pieces

strawberries (warm chocolate sause dip)


Ascobic Acid:


Ascorbic acid is added to many foods for its nutritive value, but is also used extensively as an anti-oxidant, to prevent flavors and colors from being damaged by oxidation. It is often used in canned or frozen fruits to prevent the browning that accompanies oxidation."

and, finally a great source for Snack Recipes:



Wow: That made me very hungry ... gotta eat ... gotta eat ...
Reply:I like buttered popcorn...cheese (brie, smoky gouda, sharp chedder) and crackers/french bread...

Shrimp Cream Cheese Spread:


2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon hot sauce

1 (4 ounce) can small shrimp, drained

2 green onions, finely chopped

1/2 (12 ounce) jar cocktail sauce


In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese, lemon juice and hot sauce until well blended and fluffy. Mix in the shrimp and green onions. Form into a mound on a medium serving platter. Cover and chill in the refrigerator 1 hour, or until firm. Top with cocktail sauce before serving.
Reply:i love tacos.....

beef soft taco:

=D hope you like it too...
Reply:i like chocolate dipped strawberry, banana, and rice crispie treats shish-ka-bobs


weird right?
Reply:Cheese and apples with cholate

pringles chips, dried bannas or pieapple

kisses or snikers bar

ham and then roll up cheese with it
Reply:Mine don't require a recipe... hehe. I love taco chips with salsa (any amount of spice) or just potato chips.

Survey: What are your favourite qualities about yourself, & what would you like to improve about yourself?

For myself, I like that I am someone who usually can connect with people easily and bond with them. On the other hand, I am far too temperamental for my own good, and as close as I can connect with people, I am equally good at demolishing such bonds when I am stressed or upset, so this is a big area that I need to work on improving.

What about you?

Survey: What are your favourite qualities about yourself, %26amp; what would you like to improve about yourself?
I'm a loyal friend...I'll give you the shirt off my back and go to great lengths to avoid hurting someone.

I am way too sensitive...I can dwell on a hurt for quite a while even though I am well aware that I am being irrational.
Reply:Well, I love unconditionally, I am a Loyal friend, I am very sensitive to other peoples feelings , the empathy I feel for other people is sometimes, well I guess I am trying to say I feel the pain of other people to the extent that effects me maybe more than it should ( hard to explain) On the other hand I don't like confrontation BUT if i get push to My limit I can be brutal verbally, and If I don't like someone they know it , I cannot pretend to be a Friend. This is a problem I need to work on when I'm working . I will get along with almost everyone, I can take people for who they are ( different personalities) But there are certain people that I just can stand and have trouble holding back how I feel. When sometimes I should just be the better person and get along with them. And there are certainally other areas in my life that need work on .But too tired to list them all !!!!
Reply:I like the fact that I can easily become friends with people and accept them as they are. Once they are my friend, they are until they break off the relationship. And that brings me to the part I don't like. Having trouble forgiving them for not wanting me as their friend. Not all forgiving is a problem, just that aspect. I am a forgiving person, just not when betrayed.

Some of this revolves around compassion for others and knowing that I can help them, the hard part is not being able to help due to circumstances out of my control. Which is another problem, I'm not sure if I like being in control or not, sometimes being forced to be the one in control and in some situations I would rather not be the one but there is no one else to do it.

I'd like to be able to have more fun and be around happy, jovial people that make me laugh, egg me on, and bring out the best in me because if it is thrown at me I will surely.rebound it back.
Reply:Wow Jack, you're like, PMS-ing or something. It's true you're very good at connecting. Probably all those positive ions that surround you like a halo.

The thing I like about myself is that I'm really good at hide and seek. The thing that needs improving (or so they SAY) is guarding my tongue. I just say the first thing on my mind, which sometimes is not such a good thing.....yeah, I've learned to do a LOT of editing and back-pedaling. I think I've improved.
Reply:I'm a person who can adapt to any environment or social circle with natural ease, and have fun in the process. I'm extremely energetic and I like how I can turn a potential fight around (my husband and friends are still shaking their heads at how I manage to do it)

However, I'm not really conscious of other people's feelings, and sometimes I read them wrong. I have no patience with quitters and those that pity themselves. I do not understand depression, and that makes me insensitive.

I would like to be more in tune and sensitive to others emotional problems.
Reply:I love that I'm a friendly person and willing to help people emotionally. I have a lot of things I would like to improve about myself, such as being jealous, my self esteem, and not having as much self confidence that I would like to have.
Reply:I'm very accepting of other people, and I am able to be deeply moved by art, music, or great literature. I'm full of useless but entertaining trivia facts, as well. : )

I need to be more disciplined and is quickly passing me by, and I've done little of consequence up to this point.
Reply:i like that it's really hard to get me upset...although once i'm upset i tend to stay upset for a long time.

my friend and i call this "holding a grudge in this life and into the next." i think it's a scorpio trait.

ok...maybe i'm not that bad, but i would like to let go of my anger sooner.

Reply:like you, I feel like I easily connect with people... but then after a short while I lose interest and stop putting in any effort to maintain a friendship. in fact, if i look around, i don't have any real friends. sure i have my wife and a few girlfriends, but that's not the same is it?
Reply:My favorite quality about myself? That'd have to be my intelligence and cunning.

As for what I'd change about myself? I guess it would be useful and helpful to be able to read people better. I'm not that good at recognizing social cues, at least not as good as I wish I was.
Reply:I wish I could answer this in an unbiased way, but right now I'm tired, and overwhelmed and I see no good qualities, only too much to improve upon.
Reply:lol to be politically correct Jack what you described about yourself i believe is called bi-polar =p

jus kidding bro

um... yea

anyway I'm extremely compassionate about life in general as much talk i do and how obnoxious i can be at times, being big bad MMA man and a prick etc.. despite all those things I am quite compassionate about life and hate to see creatures in danger or hurt.

Which is really odd considering the ghetto i came from where most people would rather blow your head off then give a compliment.

well... example today i continued to help nurse a robin chick, he's in the yard now in some high hedges i hope his mom teaches him well.. The other day he fell in my pool and i got him out he seemed to be shocked from the cold so I kept it in the palms of my hands woke up today at 5am because baby robins need to be fed every 20 minutes and done so all day. He's become less dependent on me quickly so hopefully he'll be one of the 25% of robins that survive past the first 3 months.

Yesterday i found a stray dog he's been abused and starved doing much better now but has worms, I'm trying to get him into a no kill animal shelter, despite being somewhat aggressive over food and not liked to be left alone he's actually very well behaved and neutered but i can tell the signs of abuse on him and won't give him back to the original owners anyway he didn't have any ID on him so all should be good unless he has a tracking device in him which i doubt. We're not that fancy in da hood.

One of my tenants today is having problems with her 15 year son, he's very troubled i thought about evicting them because of him but i talked to him some I don't think i got through to him much but he's clam now and on his way to his grandfathers.

I hate using anything but cruelty free mouse traps and my neighbors hate me for dumping live mice in their yard but i figured they came from those dirt balls to begin with so I'm just returning them.

I'm environmental friendly and surely the only one around here who cut their fossil fuel use in half. I would like to get out of the city with enough land and no restrictions to make a home into a 100% reusable energy.

I have a strong empathy toward others...

I believe we belong to the earth and not the earth to us.

I believe in community involvement

volunteering my thing is mostly animal shelters

wild life preservation (F U Sarah Palin and ur drilling for oil)

so yea despite being a jerk at times and making fun of dumbtards i am actually a pretty nice guy.

No really!

Survey: At work, do you volunteer anything about your personal life?

Do you care or want to know anything about their personal life?

With very few exceptions, I tell them absolutely nothing. At the same time, I honestly don't care or want to know anything at all about their life outside work. Gossip is a pointless exercise.

I would tell them nothing interesting is going on and even if there were I wouldn't tell them anyway.

Survey: At work, do you volunteer anything about your personal life?
it is nobodys buisness but yours , it is personal , simply put invasion of privacy . you have the right idea . the young lady who posted small towns . hit the nail right on the head . her advice is correct . stay yourself be yourself
Reply:I live in a small town...most everyone I work with knows all about everyone's personal life anyway!!!
Reply:My fellow teachers are also my friends. We know an awful lot about each other's personal lives. I'm glad. We take care of each other when we need to or celebrate with each other when we can.
Reply:Gossip can also be about work. The grapevine is an excellent way to find out who got fired, called in the office, and for what, etc. I do try to keep my work and personal lives separate, though.
Reply:Now I do not say anything about my personal life at work unless there is an emergency and I can't be at work - and that information only goes to appropriate office. I do have a couple of friends at my new job now, but nothing personal is discussed at work. We email each other, do favors, and call - but I think we all have been burned in the past and know enough to keep our personal lives away from work. We know when one of our buddies is down, and we will acknowledge that briefly for support, but nothing deep until it is private.

There was a time in my life when I was more open and trusted "friends" at work. My onsite manager was very manipulative and used it for the "power and control" trip she was on. There will always be creeps at work digging for dirt on anyone - that's why I go in clean, and leave clean.

train horns

Survey: When your neighbours start acting suspicious about your odd hours and crazy habits?

would it be approprite to wait until your husband is gone a few days on business to take out that old rolled up carpet with rotton potatoes in it at midnight while your nosey neighbors are outside?

Survey: When your neighbours start acting suspicious about your odd hours and crazy habits?
Hahahahah that is awesome!!! And very appropriate! You have gotten some really good answers here...about the "shut up or I'll hit you again", lol, and the red paint, oh yea and the stuffed shirt with an arm hanging out...Hilarious!!! What would also be hilarious is for you to started recording yourself inside your house saying what you are about to do and videotaping the thing you are taking outside and then set up the camera to catch their reactions and stuff, that would be an awesome thing to put on You Tube!!
Reply:I like to use an old steamer trunk. It just gives it that old world charm. Just clean the fridge out, being sure to toss in a hunk of meat and all the ketchup you can find. Be sure to take it out the day after the trash is picked up, so it has a chance to ferment. Don't forget to set out the old buzz saw, the one with the red paint on it.
Reply:YES,do that and have alot of cars stopping and someone running in+out for and hour or two,so you have "traffic",and then have the carpet dragged out and say thats wot you get for trying to rip me off!
Reply:This had me howling with laughter. I like your style.

By all means do so. It is not only appropriate it is retribution and satisfaction all rolled up in one carpet.
Reply:Make sure you say "SHUSH OR I'LL HIT YOU AGAIN" accidentally too loudly.
Reply:Yes, another option would be to smear red food coloring mixed with Karo syrup all over yourself and drag out the carpet nude.

I don't just say this for our benefit either...(wink)
Reply:Let me know the time and place and I will help you out, I will brink the bucket full of surprises:D
Reply:don't forget the preceeding bloodcurling screams and gunshots...sound effects can be downloaded fromt he net....hee...hee..hee...

Reply:Your neighbors are out at midnight and they're worried about your habits.....=)
Reply:what are your neighbors doing out at midnight?

((looks around suspiciously))
Reply:ha ha. Noisy use of power tools in the basement by said husband on the night before he leaves will have them frenzied.
Reply:When my neighbors called me white trash I put a light up pink flamingo in my yard to piss them you do whatever you need to do :)
Reply:i would tell them to mind their own business,and quit being so nosy.
Reply:Do it! You might want to stuff an old shirt and leave an arm hanging out!
Reply:for me they have nothing better to do they must have boaring lives
Reply:Sounds like a plan!
Reply:What do you think?????
Reply:Sure? just make sure you do them in too, and hide the bodies accordingly
Reply:While you're at it can you take out my "garbage"? and perhaps this old freezer I have.... It stopped working a few days ago... I've taped it up.
Reply:bury it in the back yard late at night
Reply:Rofl be the best thing I could think of doin, hell better!!